20-inch Tape-In Extensions

Introducing the newest and most innovative form of 20-inch tape in extensions available on the market.

Switching your hair to a longer, fuller, and more voluminous look is easy. Experimenting with extensions is one of the most non-committal ways to achieve a big hair makeover. When it comes to hair extensions, the hairstyle choices are virtually endless. Human hair extensions give you the flexibility to rock unexpected cuts and colors. One of the choices you may choose in getting a makeover is having tape-in extensions. 20-inch tape in extensions are lightweight and effortlessly fit on wavy, straight hair. In addition, they also lie flat making a smooth look and sound more normal.  Extensions for tape-in are super thin, and it looks incredibly normal. 

Feel free to get advice from our skilled stylists at Posh Hair Company to achieve the look you want with a breath of fresh hair!

20 inch tape in extensions at hair store

Best Tape-In Hair Extensions

Installation of Tape-In hair extensions is easy with no tools needed, allowing less chair time which reduces the installation time of a glued extension to more than half. The wefts come around the base with double-sided tape and peeling a clear sheet off the weft and apply it to your head. The extensions are placed in a sandwich-like fashion and the natural hair is between two pre-taped weaves. It takes about an hour to complete the operation after you will no longer feel it. Our clients typically don’t need too many for length and thickness. Our stylist at our hair store should add shorter wefts in the hair for the tape-in extensions to provide more structure and movement. Moreover, we leave a decent deal of your own natural hair on top and sides to ensure that the tape-in fabric is hidden. Since the easiest way to achieve natural-looking tape-in hair extensions is to achieve that they’re spread uniformly through your hair, thus, we assure you that it is distributed properly at our hair store. 

tape-in hair extensions at hair store

The cost varies according to how many hair extensions you need. Each tape-in consists of two bits, sandwiched together. Furthermore, you are gazing at around $200 a piece. Half-head tape-in extensions typically allow an extension of 10-12 pieces. Yet, we recommend you consider using up to 20 bits or more for a full head. Hence, expect to pay from a few hundred for two pieces to several thousand for one whole head depending on the desired look.

The 20- inch length tape-in hair extensions at our hair store will keep you wearing it clean for a long time, so no hair loss, no deformation, no frizz after drying, the same as their original state. Different colors are available, you can also have custom and ombre colors at our hair shop. Rest assured that our beauty hair outlets are handled by professional hairstylists. Here’s a tip from our stylist: No matter what you do, don’t cut or pull them out.


How long are 20-Inch Tape-In Hair Extensions?

  • 20-inch hair extensions are great for long hair, every day. We have a great deal of length, once added, it always appears normal.

Extensions Repairs

Let our expert stylist restore beauty to your tape-in extensions at our hair store.

Repair Appointments

These appointments are best made in advance. Make sure to call our convenient Ann Arbor location.

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