Blonde Hair Weave Extension

Are you looking for a fashionable yet cheap blonde or white human hair weave extension? Nowadays, there are numerous types of human hair extensions in the market but we have the most premium types available in different styles and colors at Posh Hair Company. We ensure that all the cuticles of the hair remain intact, unaltered, and tangle-free at our hair store. Blonde Human Hair Weave Extensions are the embodiment of every woman. They are beautiful, shiny, glamorous, and sophisticated to wear. Does it take you so long to fix your hair extensions in front of the mirror? Our well embellished blonde hair extensions are easy to apply and extremely discreet 100% blonde human hair. Hair wefts in blonde and white are sown properly and attached strongly to flexible weft track to create V-part or U-part wigs glued in hair extensions. For most of us, looking and feeling the best will change everything, especially if you are wearing quality and luxurious-looking human hair weave extensions. 

Blonde human hair extension at hair store

Human Hair Weaves

We have developed a fast phased selling and distribution processes for our customers worldwide. We are well known in this industry because we have created one of the biggest and most sought-after hair weave extensions in the world of fashion and beauty at our hair store. We know that fashion comes with the trends so we focus on providing you the best quality, untangled, luxurious, pure human hair extensions. Our product is perfectly camouflaged with your natural hair so it will look like an instant volume added to your hair. For your convenience our website is always open to serve you, our list of human hair extensions is always updated, and our prices are unmatched. We believe that we can only achieve our goals by providing you full satisfaction and will gladly welcome your return and exchange transactions at our hair shop. We are a customer service-winning company and we take pride that we earn your trust as a leading online direct selling company worldwide.

Hair Weave Extensions

hair extensions from hair store

White human hair weave extensions are mostly sought in Asian countries where hair colors are evenly black or brownish. We offer very affordable yet quality white human hair weave extensions that will satisfy our customers at our hair store. We create a white human hair weave extension for more stylish you that comes in different trending styles that will gorgeously fit you. It comes in curly weave, silky straight, body wave, or natural wave weave. You can style or treat your human hair extension because it comes naturally with a preserve cuticle. You can dye, bleach, highlight, and ombre as you like.

Benefits of Using Human Hair Weave Extensions

There are lots of benefits provided by pure human hair weave extensions. Below is the list of advantages of using human hair weave extensions that will make you confident in wearing them all the way.

  • Easy to Style: As we talk about fashion, hair is the most crucial part paired with your clothing. Whether you style your hair every day such as straightened, curled, permed or treated, our products will only go with the flow. Because it is pure human hair and the cuticle in it is not stripped off.
  • Washable: It is like natural hair that you can shower to take away dirt.
  • Different Varieties: You can choose because it comes in different varieties like brunette, blonde, black, or red.
  • Instant length and volume.
  • Unlimited Hairstyle: Women are fond of styling their hair from time to time like bangs, highlights, and more. 
  • Comfort: Because it is easy to apply so there is no worry for painful processes of putting it and taking it out.
  • Hide Split Ends: There is no need to remove your split ends. Our product can conceal your split ends as they spread upward from the bottom of hair strands.
  • Long-Lasting: It is made of human hair and manufactured properly with cuticle preserved so it will not be tangled easily and will give you awesome looks and styles.

Contact Us

Our commitment to excellence is to provide you the best customer service for blond and white human hair weave extensions at our hair store. We promise that we will make things easy for you with our services so you never have to feel like you’re alone! What are you waiting for? Contact us today and avail of your free shipping worldwide.

Extensions Repairs

Let our expert stylist restore the luxury and shine to your white human hair weave extensions at our hair store.

Repair Appointments

These appointments are best made in advance be sure to call our convenient Ann Arbor location. *Starting at $330 up to a 5 hour installation. Anything beyond 5 hours is an additional $50 an hour at our hair shop.

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