Clip-In Hair Extensions

Are you looking for a cheap and fashionable clip-in hair extension? The beauty of hair extensions lies in knowing that no one knows you are wearing them. Like a natural blend of seamlessly silk hair. At Posh Hair Company, we offer very affordable but quality clip-in hair extensions. Quality, trends, and fashion are our priorities at our hair store, so we focus on researching the most fashionable and in-demand clip-in hair extensions. We continuously develop our products for the ever-changing high market trends at our hair store. 

With over two decades of experience in supplying quality and fashionable clip-in hair extensions, we offer our award-winning stylish products to every prestigious salon in America and worldwide. At Posh Hair Company, we enable every woman to build self-confidence and enhance their beauty with our hair solution products.

Clip-In Hair Extension at hair store

Why Clip In Hair Extensions?

Clip-In hair extensions are leading the way to glamour! Since 2000 we thrive in this business by providing quality yet affordable clip-in hair extensions made of pure human hair at our hair store. We create a product that will remarkably exceed our customer’s expectations and will truly help us achieve our main objective, to offer all women in the world the best quality and fashionable hair trends. The products at our hair store are inspired by hair systems that will enhance natural beauty. Our products are recognized worldwide because of their uniqueness. Silky hair is not a dream anymore. With easy clip-in extensions, you can purchase our products that are featured in different well-known magazines and offered to different prestigious salons worldwide. We offer the best clip-in extensions in different varieties with simple instructions on how to easily attach them at our hair shop. 

Why Choose Us?

As a highly recognized hair extension provider online our website of pure human hair extensions with premium quality is created. So when you feel fancy you can easily reach out to our hair store. We offer the best clip-in hair extension products in different styles, lengths and weights, colors, and textures. You can customize your looks quickly with no tangled, adhesives or chemicals that can irritate your hair and scalp. Clip-ins have a multiple wash life because they are made of natural human hair we have carefully selected and manufactured. They will not get frizzy and dry and will look like your own hairstyle. 

The clips are made of stainless steel covered in tone color and with a small rubber line inside to ensure connections that will prevent the clips from gliding out of your hair.

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Our hair store also offers services that can make things easy for you in selecting different fabulous hair extensions collections. We have different varieties stored for you at our hair shop. Avail our packages for great discounts at our hair store. Call us today!

Extensions Repairs

Let us restore the elegance and shine to your clip-in hair extensions.

Repair Appointments

Be sure to call our convenient Ann Arbor location.
*Starting at $330 up to a 5 hour installation. Anything beyond 5 hours is an additional $50 an hour.

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