Nano Bead Hair Extensions

Hair extensions are the perfect shortcut to achieve a Hollywood style! They will give you a star look by obtaining full, voluminous hair within one day process. In this case, nano bead hair extensions are considered innovative hair extensions, their attachment system is easily concealed in your hair due to their tiny size and independent form of stranding. The hair extensions at our hair store are comfortable to wear, easy to customize, and still reusable. 

Here’s why nano bead hair extensions should be considered in doing a hair makeover. They are functional human hair extensions. Their strand usually weighs around 0.8 grams or 1 gram of hair is attached by a small bead to the natural hair. Along with this, they are reusable, they may be pulled up with the same hair every 6-8 weeks. The link to nanobeads goes down with the growth of natural hair. It’s safer to get it re-fitted every 8 weeks to the roots. However, we should be mindful when it comes to wearing human hair extensions, maintaining the treatment periods on time is the best practice.

Nano bead hair extension at hair store

Get to know Nano Bead Hair Extensions

They are the most advanced and shortest way to use hair extensions! They’re short, easy, and almost impossible to detect even when your hair is in a ponytail. Nano beads can be used mainly for adding nano-tip extensions to the scalp. The standard I-tip hair extensions are too large, and the nano ring does not loop. A tiny wire lies at the end of each hair length. It is distinct from the tip of an I-tip hair extension, which uses a keratin bonding agent to bind the scalp.

Nano ring hair extension at hair store

Furthermore, nano-tip extensions are thinner because of the thread, which allows the hair to move more easily. Add the extension by threading the tiny wire as well as the hair to which it will be connected into the nano ring, don’t worry, there is a bead attachment device that makes it easier to then lock the two together using pliers to crimp the nano ring.

Nano bead hair extensions would last with proper treatment for up to three years and the individual product will last up to six months. With this, they are also available in a number of shades, making it easy to align them with the color of the root they are set. You can check them out at our hair store


Great Services

With over years of experience in repairing Nano Bead Hair Extensions, you can invest confidence in our hair store to restore the charm to your look with our services. The process of repairing and upkeeping these hair extensions includes adhesive maintenance and proper cleansing.

Extensions Repairs

Let the expert stylists at our hair shop restore the luxury and shine to your nano-bead hair extensions.

Repair Appointments

These appointments are best made in advance at our hair store. be sure to call our convenient Ann Arbor location.

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