Posh Hair Services

We can help you establish your hairstyle with pride and confidence with our top-quality services and products at our hair store! Our professional stylist will imbue your look with perfectly installed human hair extensions, giving you that bold style you always wanted!

At Posh Hair Company, we provide services such as:

Posh Hair Company hair store Services

Great Hair Services

Repair Hair Services

With our years of experience in repairing human hair extensions, you can invest confidence in us to restore the glamour to your look at our hair store. The process of repairing and upkeeping hair extensions includes adhesive maintenance and proper cleansing.

Wig Repairs

Every day wear and tear can be hard on hair extensions so much so that they can lose their shine and become damaged.

Extensions Repairs

Let our expert stylist restore the luxury and shine to your hair extensions.

Repair Appointments

These appointments at our hair store are best made in advance be sure to call our convenient Ann Arbor location. *Starting at $330 up to a 5 hour installation. Anything beyond 5 hours is an additional $50 an hour.

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