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How to Install Real Human Hair Clip-In Extensions

Our natural hair extensions are easy to install in the comfort of your own home! We have two flawless, go-to methods to install our human hair clip-in extensions and add instant length and volume to your existing hair.

If you’d like to leave your natural hair out, it’s best to use the Loose Hair Method to install your natural clip-ins. To get started, part your hair at the nape of your neck and clip in a virgin hair weft that fits across the section. Our 3” weft pieces are great here. Work your way up and part your hair in sections spaced about an inch and a half apart, adding clip-in wefts along the way. Leave the larger wefts for the top of your head, so your hair will lay as flat as possible. Once your natural hair clip-ins are installed, you can style them as you desire – they’re real human hair, so you can apply heat to them or even dye them, too!

If you’re using your real human hair clip-in extensions as a protective style, you’ll want to use the Braid Down method. Prep your natural hair by sectioning off your front and crown pieces, and then braid down your remaining hair. Start at the nape of your neck and install a 3” natural hair clip-in weft that fits across the section. Then, continue installing your clip-in extensions around your head in a U-shape. Once you get to your loose hair, you can use the Loose Hair Method to finish it off!

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