Frequently Asked Common Questions

What Extension Methods Do You Offer?

Posh Hair Company offers several extension methods, including clip-in hair extensions, tape-in hair extensions, micro bead extensions, micro ring extensions, nano bead extensions, ombre hair extensions, and blonde hair weaves. We also have a variety of human hair wigs and unique hair accessories for care and maintenance.

How Much Are Hair Extensions?

The cost for hair extensions ranges depending on the type of extension and length you choose. They can cost as little as $112 for a 12” weft bundle of hair or as much as $600 for a 24” length, 200 grams of straight clip-in hair extensions. Our hair extension prices don’t vary based on color – only weight, style, and length.

Why Is The Hair So Expensive?

Our hair varies in cost depending on your preference, but our prices are set to reflect the quality and preservation work inherent in our products. We sell only 100% natural human hair that’s undergone a specialized treatment process to ensure it stays as natural-looking as possible – no matter how your treat, style, or dye it.

How Much Does Customization Cost?

Customization costs vary by length and hair texture. Every additional two inches generally adds five dollars to the cost of your hair extensions or wig. You can also usually expect curly textures to be more costly than straight textures.

Are There More Affordable Options?

Your most affordable hair options are either weft bundle extensions or lace frontal caps that don’t cover the entirety of your head.

What is Remy Hair?

Remy hair is a category of 100% human hair that’s specially harvested and processed. All Remy hair is minimally processed to preserve the hair’s cuticle, preventing shedding and creating stronger, smoother, extensions. This type of hair is the most natural-looking style available today.

How Long Will The Hair Extensions Last?

Our 100% Remy human hair extensions can last six months or more with proper care. Your extensions will last longer if you detangle, wash, and condition them frequently. You can help your extensions remain in good condition longer by setting your heat styling tools to low or medium heat. Frequent styling and dyeing can shorten the lifespan of our wigs and extensions.

Will Tape-In Hair Extensions Damage My Hair?

You can add length and dimension to your hair quickly and easily with tape-in extensions. Tape-in hair extensions are completely safe and never cause damage to your hair if you take good care of them. It’s important to avoid products that contain oils, as well as hydrating shampoos and conditioners when wearing tape-in extensions. These hair care products may weaken the bond and cause damage to your extensions.

Will Clip-In Hair Extensions Damage My Hair?

Clip-in hair extensions allow you to add fullness and length to your hair quickly, safely, and easily. Select lightweight extensions, attach them only to strong and healthy hair, and remove them at the end of the day to minimize the risk of damage.

How Long Do I-tip Extensions Last?

Like any other hair extension method, you’ll need to conduct appropriate care and maintenance on I-tip extensions to guarantee their lifespan. I-tip extensions usually last from three to six months with high-quality beads.

Can I Wash and Blow-Dry the Extension Every Day?

Yes. You can wash and blow-dry our Remy human hair extensions every day. To clean your extensions, we recommend that you use products specifically designed for hair extensions, or shampoos and conditioners designed for your own hair. When you’re finished with your extensions, towel-dry them and blow-dry your hair.

Can I Color My Hair Extensions?

Yes. Since our extensions are made from the finest Remy human hair, they can receive the same color treatments as your own hair. You can either have them professionally colored or color them yourself. Use caution when applying color and perform the procedure in a well-ventilated area.

Can I Sleep With My Hair Extensions?

Yes. You can wear properly-applied hair extensions while sleeping without causing damage to your hair or extensions. To keep the extensions looking fresh and to reduce stress on your own hair, secure your extensions with clips, a braid, a ponytail, or under a satin bonnet before going to bed.

What are Lace Closures?

Lace closures are wigs partial wigs that allow you to customize the location of your extensions. We offer lace closure wigs in 4″ x 4″ or 5″ x 5″ sizes. The lace is knotted directly to the individual strands of hair. Designed to cover only a portion of the head, these are ideal for temporarily concealing thinning hair or changing hairstyles. The versatility and flexibility of lace closures make them extremely popular in today’s market.

What are Lace Front Wigs and Full Lace Wigs?

Lace front wigs have a lace piece that extends along the front of the wig. The rest of the wig is usually made of a regular netted wig cap or another material, such as thin skin. These types of wigs can be worn in high-up styles or ponytails.

Lace wigs are when the entire wig cap is made of lace. These wigs also have lace that extends around the perimeter of the hair. Hairstyles such as high-up dos and ponytails aren’t possible with full lace wigs. Full lace wigs create a flawless, natural, and undetectable hairline with proper application and adhesion.

How Do Silk Hair Scrunchies Work?

Silk scrunchies keep hair strands in tightly-pulled ponytails from breaking when you put your hair up. Use your silk scrunchies while sleeping to pull your hair back into a gentle ponytail on top of your head.

How Are Weft Bundles Applied to My Head?

As part of our services, we can apply your weft bundles by either braiding, sewing, weaving, or beading. We offer all of these techniques in our hair shop to ensure that the hair and weft sit in the right place at all times. It can be difficult to apply these extensions on your own, so we recommend taking them to an expert for assistance.

Can I Return Or Exchange My Extension?

Unfortunately, we do not accept returns or exchanges on extensions or wigs for health reasons. We will gladly accept your product(s) within four days of delivery if there is any problem on our end, like damage during shipping or an incorrect texture or length.

Contact us by email to inform our team of the reason for your exchange. We approve each return request individually so please provide as much information as possible about your issue. If the item(s) are approved for exchange, our hair store will send an email with directions for the rest of the process. We will only accept exchanges on items that are in their original state, without any signs of use or wear.

Can I Cancel Or Change My Order Once My Order Is Placed?

At Posh Hair Company, we are truly committed to providing our customers with the best possible experience. While you can cancel or change your order before it has been shipped, we cannot accommodate any requests once it’s left our facilities. 

You can generally cancel or change your order within two days after placing it. Please email us to change or cancel orders before shipment.