take care of weft extensions

How do you take care of weft extensions?

For individuals who have never used extensions, the first section should explain what weft hair extensions look like and how long they may be worn. 

A weft hair extension is one that has each strand's ends folded inward by roughly 2 inches before being stitched into a weft strip. Black women in other nations and the majority of Africa prefer weft hair extensions. Because black women can simply attach the weft hair extension straight to their natural hair, this may be regarded as a specific hair extension for them.

Weft hair extensions are processed into a variety of hairstyles, including as natural straight, bone straight, and wavy, to fit each person's tastes. Additionally, weft hair extensions are separated based on a bundle's thickness. Single drawn, double drawn, and super double drawn hair are examples of hair (the ratio of the number of hairs that are the same length). However, the original weft  human hair extensions quality is unaffected by the hair's thickness distribution.

Weft hair extensions last for how long?

Weft hair extensions quickly become damaged after a period of usage if they are not taken care of properly since they are not provided with nutrients from your scalp. Weft hair extensions may typically be used for 3-6 months per set. How frequently you use and wash them will affect how long it takes, though. You have to keep style to a minimum and wash them as little as possible. Additionally, the longer the lifespan of weft hair extensions, the more moisture you consistently retain and the less dryness there is.

Shampooing Advice for Weft Hair Extensions

Use a tiny bit of shampoo in your palm to gently massage the length of the hair while washing it. Never wash your hair in a circular motion since this might cause tangling. After shampooing, use a downward motion to gently squeeze out the bubbles. The weft  human hair extensions will remain in place even if this method of cleaning your hair is more time-consuming and laborious.

  • To clean the scalp and the ends of the hair, use hair oil. Hair oil is effective in removing debris, impurities, and dust.
  • Only twice a week should the hair ideally be shampooed. Excessive shampooing might cause the weft to prematurely wear out.

Why do weft hair extensions require maintenance?

A fairly straightforward query, but not everyone is aware of the proper maintenance procedures and the need for weft hair extensions. Weft hair extensions are frequently purchased, used a few times, and then discarded, which is quite wasteful. As a result, understanding how to care for weft hair extensions is essential for anybody who uses them.

Remember to wash your weft hair extensions the same way you wash your natural hair: 

If your weft  human hair extensions are sewn into your natural hair, you may wash them the same way you wash your natural hair. But in order to prevent losing your extensions, you must be extremely cautious and sensitive. It is advised that you wash your natural hair separately from the weft hair extensions you are using since each kind of weft hair extension requires a different shampoo.

Use caution while using shampoo that contains sulphate since it can damage weft hair extensions. 

Sulfate is a washing foam ingredient. Sulfates can easily lead to dryness and split ends in your weft hair extensions over time. To maintain the hydration, lustre, and smoothness of weft hair extensions, you need use conditioner. Instead of daily washing, you should wash your weft hair extensions roughly three times every week.

Always blow-dry your hair before night: 

Always blow-dry your hair before bed. If your hair is still damp, do not ever go to sleep. Weft hair extensions can become more tangled and potentially damage your hair if they are applied to wet hair. If your hair gets moist, mould may grow on it. To minimise tangling and dry hair, use a hooded drier.

Washing weft hair extensions involves combining 1 teaspoon of moisturiser with 1/2 cup of warm water, then thoroughly combining. The diluted solution is then added to a warm water bath. Remember not to use sulfate-containing shampoos while caring for weft hair extensions.

Putting Beaded Hair Extensions in Style Weft

Using a dry cloth, pat your hair. Avoid rubbing your best hair extensions since doing so might cause fallout. Before utilising any heating equipment to style your hair, apply a heat protectant spray or a leave-in conditioning treatment.

Use a wide-tooth comb to divide the weft of wet hair extensions when combing them. For weft hair extensions, you must select alcohol-free hair style products. Your hair will get even more dry from alcohol, which can cause fallouts, quick breakage, and early damage. Additionally, experts advise staying away from silicone-based products because they can also cause dryness.

Human hair extensions can be brushed in a certain way. 

If you have weft hair extensions, there is a specific brushing method. Here is a step-by-step instruction manual for doing it.

Take a tiny part of hair, start brushing it 15 centimetres from the bottom, and go up to the finish.

Once you have thoroughly brushed the length of your hair, move on to the following 15 centimetres.

Be gentle when combing skin weft hair extensions, especially where the spine is concerned. When you are using weft hair extensions, stay away from using a fine-tooth comb. In addition to stretching the best hair extensions, using a fine-tooth comb puts extra stress on the hair roots.


Once or twice a week, you must condition your human hair weft extensions. To achieve the optimum results, conditioning should be done after shampooing. You must use a deep conditioning treatment to keep hair extensions silky and manageable because they cannot create oil. You must plan a refit every six weeks if you want your beaded weft hair extensions to last longer. Long-term repeated pressure on the roots might potentially harm your natural hair. Even if you buy your human hair extensions separately, the placement must always be carried out by a qualified expert with in-depth training in hair extensions.