6 Tips On How to Maintain Your Posh Hair Extensions

6 Tips On How to Maintain Your Posh Hair Extensions

Caring for Hair Extensions

We receive a lot of questions about caring for hair extensions, especially about maintaining their quality and longevity. The most important thing about hair extension maintenance mostly has to do with what you do for them at home. Do you want to know how to care for hair extensions once you leave the shop?

It’s definitely possible to have a comprehensive hair care routine without having to leave the comfort of your home. And Posh Hair Company is here to help you get it done. With our guidance, caring for your hair extensions at home is easier and minimizes everyday damage to ensure your extensions last that much longer. Check out our quick tips for hair extension maintenance here to build your hair care routine today!

1. Wash Them Correctly

So it’s true that you can treat your hair extensions as you would your normal hair, but every kind of hair extension does come with its own specialized set of instructions. When you have pre-taped wefts, for example, you need to use lukewarm water – never hot – along with sulfate-free shampoo. With this type of extension, you also need to be extremely careful near the bonds, washing gently so that everything remains secure. You can ask your extension specialist or do some research about caring for your hair extensions to get all the details about the best techniques and hair care products for each type of extension.

Here is our favorite technique for washing your hair extensions:

  • Wash your hair in the shower in lukewarm water, allowing the water to flow from the roots to the tips.
  • Apply two or three pumps of shampoo at the root of your hair and slowly work it towards the tips.
  • Apply your conditioner a little below your roots to avoid slippage and massage downwards.
  • Add a few extra pumps of conditioner to the tips of your hair before rinsing everything out.

If you usually flip your hair over to clean it more thoroughly or quickly when caring for your hair extensions, we say DON’T! Flipping your hair like this can cause additional tangles, making it more difficult to brush out afterward.

2. Never Sleep with Wet Hair

It might be tempting to hit the hay before your hair is completely dry, but we cannot stress how important it is to dry your locks thoroughly. Going to bed with wet hair guarantees tangles and matted roots, and in extreme cases, even extensions that have fallen completely out! If your hair does survive the night and you try to detangle it in the morning, you’ll realize that you’re putting much more pressure on the bonds now than you would have combing it out the night before.

Avoid all of these problems when drying your hair before bed, this is an essential part of caring for your hair extensions. 

3. Proper Brushing

When wearing hair extensions, it’s super important to brush your hair daily. This may seem like a very obvious tip, but so many people admit to not brushing their hair often enough. Be mindful that you care for your hair extensions just as much as you do for your natural hair. 

So how do you care for your hair extensions on an everyday basis? We recommend brushing your hair gently with a silicone end bristle paddle brush. This type of brush helps remove any tangles in your extensions, minimizes chipping, and prevents split ends. As you brush, make sure you’re starting with the ends of your hair and gradually moving upward. NEVER start from the top unless all the tangles lower down are gone.

4. Use Silk When Sleeping 

The best way to sleep with your hair extensions is by wrapping them in a silk scrunchie or cover. You can also leave your hair loose and sleep on a silk pillowcase. The reason you want to use silk when caring for your hair extensions is because silk helps your extensions retain luminosity, moisture from your hair care products, and the natural oils produced by your scalp. Using silk can also help reduce the type of friction that could cause tangles and breakage.

5. Use As Little Heat As Possible

We understand that styling your hair is a must before heading out the door, but when you have hair extensions, heat is the enemy! If you’re constantly using heat tools and harsh products when caring for your hair extensions, they will suffer damage. Heat can cause breakage and chipping, so why would you want to do anything that makes your extensions last less time?

Part of your hair extension maintenance must include finding ways to style your hair without heat or using products to minimize damage from heated hair care tools. So what hair care tools do you need to avoid? We recommend skipping out on blow dryers, curling irons, straightening irons, and heated brushes. If you simply must use them, watch the temperature controls and use heat protection spray.

6. Use Quality Hair Products

Not all hair care products are made equal. We highly advise investing in quality products to save your hair extensions. Not only do better products make a significant difference to your real hair, but they also nourish your extensions and ensure their longevity. Even more importantly, quality hair care products can prevent damage from heat tools and typical day-to-day activities.

There are a few fundamental rules that can guide you to quality hair care products, including using brands with sulfate- and alcohol-free ingredients. You also want to search for products that can reinfuse your extensions with moisture, like coconut, argan, and castor oil-based shampoos, conditioners, and styling solutions.

Hair Extensions From The Best

Now that you know how to care for your hair extensions, it’s time to apply all of these tips to your routine. Don’t let caring for your hair extensions trip you up anymore!

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