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Pure Virgin Clip-In Human Hair Extensions


Pure Virgin Remy clip-in human hair extensions boast the most versatility in installing and removing among all of the hair extension.  These hair extensions give you a fuller, natural looking head of hair.  Arranged in a set of 8 extension strips of varying widths from 2 to 8 inches, these extensions are highly customizable and come in multiple variations based on your preferences.  Sets of hair extensions can be ordered with custom options, such as the number of strips, the color of the extension, or by the width of each individual piece. To install, simply part your hair horizontally starting in the back, secure the micro combs, found in weft of the clip in each extension, to your natural hair at the roots.  While closing the clip, it will snap into place with an audible click indicating it has fastened securely. Once the hair extension is in place, simply brush a portion of your natural hair over the clip and then continue adding extensions to the back of your head until the desired result is achieved.

All custom colors are only done at our Ann Arbor, Michigan location. Custom colors can not be done online. Please note that any custom colors requested of Posh Hair Company is an additional charge. Prices may vary.


12", 16", 18", 22", 24"


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100 Grams, 150 Grams, 200 Grams


Natural Straight, Natural Wavy

Care and Maintenance

To ensure the longevity of your natural human hair clip in extensions make sure to use cool or warm water while washing them and make sure to stay away from sulfate shampoos or conditioners. Gently brush using a wide tooth comb after drying your hair. A ponytail or several elastic hair bands can be used to help maintain your style and prevent tangles when not putting the extensions to use.


Removing clip-in extensions every night before best is a great way to ensure durability and the life of your hair extensions. Removal is relatively easy as they do not use adhesive, bonding agents, and are not sewed into your natural hair. Removal is simple, open the clip and gently slide the combs out of your hair. Put the extensions together in a ponytail then brush along the length of the extensions and slide them into a large zip lock bag to store.


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