Cute Christmas Hairstyles

8 Incredible Hairstyles for the Holidays that You'll Absolutely Love

Cute Christmas Hairstyles & More!

Whether you plan on rocking your natural hair or you want to put in extensions to prep for the holiday season, you might be worried about the types of hairstyle options you have for the various winter events in your calendar. You don’t want to create boring styles that don’t do your hair and face justice! Luckily, we’re here to help. With a little advice from Posh Hair Company, you’ll have the inspiration, confidence, and products you need to create beautiful hairstyles for the holidays that will turn everybody’s heads.

Our Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s Eve hairstyles are all about making your looks work with or without hair extensions. Our extension products are high-quality and they’re nearly invisible against your scalp, so no matter what you do with your hair, it looks natural and real. We also offer amazing wigs made of human hair that you can style any which way you want before applying them to your head!

When you’re ready to dive in, check out these easy holiday hairstyles that work for natural hair, hair with extensions, or lace wigs! Trust in our style experts and elevate your hairstyle for the holidays in no time.


8 Hairstyles for the Holidays Infographic

1. High Pony

While it’s a classic and timeless style, you shouldn’t diss or dismiss the high pony as too casual for your holiday parties. Done right, your high ponytail is an easy holiday hairstyle that delivers a sophisticated, elegant touch to your look. It’s also a youthful style that adds more energy and movement to your aura without fussing with too many pins and accessories.

If you want to make this a cute Christmas hairstyle, consider adding a little oomph with themed barrettes that feature bells, holly, snowmen, and more. Feeling like a themed look is too juvenile? Rock a velvet bow or bejeweled headband to add something a little extra.

The high pony goes well with nearly every outfit, too! It pulls and gathers your hair out of the way so you can showcase dresses with low backs, stunning necklaces, and unique earrings without anything getting tangled. Try this hairstyle for the holidays with a light curl at the tips of your hair for a more finished look, and smooth down your flyaways with just a drop of gel or hairspray.

2. Fancy Low Pony

You might think of the low ponytail as a workhorse style that’s best for the office, workouts at the gym, or a day running errands. But believe us when we say that you can elevate this hairstyle for the holidays! Whether you choose it for a Hannukah or New Year’s Eve hairstyle, add a chic detail to take this pony to the next level.

We love adding a knot, twists, or a braid into the low ponytail to achieve a more cultured perspective. Gather the hair at your temples into a braid or twist it inward on either side before pinning and gathering these strands with the rest of your hair. You can also knot these strands above the ponytail to hide the hairband without adding any additional accessories. You’ll look festive and elegant with an effortless style that works for u-part wigs and tape-in extensions alike.

3. Stylish Half Updo

Now, this look works really well with your natural hair, but you can pump up the volume with a hair topper that will be completely hidden by the styling. Make this your go-to hairstyle for the holidays when you practice a few ways to change it up, so you look unique every time you do this updo.

Separate your hair into halves and gather the top bit at your crown for an ultra-feminine and practical style. This cute Christmas hairstyle will keep your hair out of your face while eating and chatting but still frame your features with longer strands along the side and bottom of your head.

Bows, clips, scrunchies, and other hair accessories are a great way to include a nod to whichever holiday event you’re attending. Add earth-tone bows and pumpkin pins to make this a Thanksgiving look, or opt for rhinestone accessories to transform this easy holiday hairstyle into a New Year’s Eve hairstyle.

4. Soft Waves

soft wave hairstyle for the holidays

If you’re truly worried about exposing your clip-in extensions or lace hair topper, styling your hair down in soft waves will solve your dilemma. With this hairstyle for the holidays, you’re changing your look with more movement and volume. We think natural waves look amazing on everyone, so we recommend it as a cute Christmas hairstyle when you have family to impress.

Achieve your soft waves with a curling iron or straightener, and then apply a quality dry shampoo to ensure your style lasts all day. If you have heat-sensitive extensions or wigs, we highly recommend getting heat protection hair products that will save you tons of time and money in the long run.

5. Sleek Bun

Also known as a chignon, this easy holiday hairstyle is a perfect choice for hiding the beads or tape in your extensions. We recommend the sleek bun for more formal events, as it’s the ultimate elegant hairdo that fits in perfectly at a black-tie affair. You can opt to create a classic look with a middle part or make this hairstyle for the holidays a little more playful with a side part. You might also choose to change the location of your bun from the center of your head to the side for an asymmetric design.

We love this look with a dramatic gown and sky-high stilettos, but we definitely say skip the hair accessories. No barrettes or hair pieces are necessary with this minimalist style.

6. Messy Bun

On the opposite side of the spectrum for your updo options, we have the messy bun. Now don’t think that we mean that messy top-knot that you throw on before heading to the gym. This type of messy bun is more about volume than disarray.

With a messy bun as your choice hairstyle for the holidays, you have a feminine look that doesn’t require having your hair down. Make your bun voluminous and fluffy by tying up your hair and then artistically loosening the strands to create a bigger shape. You can elevate this look as a New Year’s Eve hairstyle with bejeweled hair clips on either side, a braided crown over the top of your head, or by releasing a few tendrils along your hairline to frame your face.

7. Loose Braid

Braids, when done just right, can truly look like a hairstyle for the holidays out of a fairytale. Exude a charming bohemian vibe with this medieval princess look when you loosen the strands after creating your initial braid. With a fuller look, you create a softer, more feminine energy, and you make space to place elegant hair accessories. Whether it’s pearls or flowers, place your pins strategically, moving down the braid to highlight every strand and curve.

When creating this hairstyle for the holidays, we recommend starting with a French braid at the back of the head instead of the top. With a braid that starts lower down, you have a little more freedom to style your whisps, bangs, or loose strands in a way that blends your lace front wig at the front of your hairline.

8. Braided Updo

messy braid updo

As one of the most elaborate hairstyles on our list, you might be wary of trying it out, but it’s definitely worth your time and effort. You might need a little help with this hairstyle for the holidays, so try getting ready with friends and family to ensure you have an extra hand when needed.

The braided updo is another look that’s all about volume, so don’t braid your hair too tightly as you style it. Keep a soft hand on your braid and plan how and where to pull it out a bit to create volume. Once you’ve braided to the bottom of your scalp, twist the extra hair down and under to hide it beneath the rest of the braid. Again, you can enhance this updo with hair accessories that fit the formality and theme of your holiday occasion. Try holly pins for a cute Christmas hairstyle or a gemstone comb for an elegant New Year’s look.

What Works for You?

No matter what types of extras you have in your hair, you can make them work for your holiday celebrations. Each of these hairstyles for the holidays was chosen specifically because they’re flexible and versatile enough to accommodate a variety of natural hair textures, extension styles, and wig varieties.

Try these styles before your next event and decide which works best for your face, clothing, and jewelry. And explore hair accessories and pieces at Posh Hair Company to make your hairstyles stand out this holiday season.